Clover Lock Ring Stitch Markers

After all these years of crocheting, I finally picked up some Clover stitch markers!  Yesterday I posted this pic on Instagram and asked this question: how many of you use stitch markers when crocheting amigurumi or projects in the round?  I was astounded by the over 50 Instagram comments I received with quite a range of responses: some said they never use them, some said they always use them, and many said that they used other items such as safety pins and even earrings as their stitch markers!

I myself usually only use them on big projects when there are a lot of stitches per round or when I’m not increasing or decreasing (since I have to keep the count in my head anyway).  Sometimes I find them a little cumbersome to reattach after each round.   Prior to buying these, I would just use scrap pieces of yarn (like many people on Instagram) or bobby pins!

I think they do make it a lot easier as we all know how frustrating it can be when you lose your count….and I love how these locking Clover stitch markers I got from Michaels come in such pretty colours 🙂  However, quite a few people on Instagram said that they had these exact same stitch markers as me, and some said that their durability was not great as they broke easily….good thing so many come in one pack!  What are your experiences with stitch markers?

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